5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays to Turkey

Turkey 5 Star Holidays

The Five star holidays to Turkey are not just about the old ruins that Turkey is often so famous for, but also the ethos, the people and the daily smells and the sound of this beautiful country. The sites in Turkey are redolent of all the exotic and the secluded – apart form the historic. Turkey is a very young country, with more than 70% of the population well under the age of 35.

Getting there

This historic country is a part of Europe and is within drivable distance of the UK. If you are planning to drive down to Turkey from the UK, it will take you about 4 hours in all. Though this may seem like a lot, the scenic beauty en route makes every second of the journey worth it.

Since Turkey is the middle point, where Asia and Europe actually meet, there are easy accesses to the country from both Asia as well as Europe. This means you can easily plan your Five star holidays to Turkey from either Asia or Europe.

Five star holidays to Turkey – Things to do

There is quite a surprising mix of cultures as well as history in Turkey. You can see the remnants of the history of Turkey every step of the way. There are ruins of castles and old mosques every where around you. the people of Turkey are considered one of the most hospital all over the world, and this is all the more reason to enjoy your stay here.

Five star holidays to Turkey give you and access to a lot of cheap entertainment options. There is a lot to do here by way of movies, theatres, sight seeing and beach fun. the cities are advanced and beautiful and the beaches are simply exquisite. There is hint of the exotic culture every where you turn.

If you are not too keen to sample one of the many cheap entertainment options on your five star holidays to Turkey, you can check out the ethnic cafes, the casinos, the wonderful restaurants that serve up the wonderful Turkish delights and the world famous bargain basement shopping.

Five star holidays to Turkey – The Culture and History

Even though you may have taken luxury 5 star holidays to Turkey, this does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money here. The bargain shopping in Turkey is one of the best in the world. Locally, this is known as the Kapali Carsisi. The market itself dates back to the 15th century. Not much has changes since then, apart from some of the products that are on sale. There are more than four thousand covered and uncovered shops in the underground basement bargain market. These shops are located in a maze of winding roads and streets.

During your 5 star holidays to Turkey, do make sure you visit Ankara. Though Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, it is Ankara which is the real asset. Istanbul is not longer the center of the resources of Turkey, even though it is the capital of the country. Turkey gets a lot of visitors each year, and there are a lot of people willing to book 5 star holidays to Turkey, but little do they know that Ankara was the first settled location in Turkey, going back to the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Byzantine castle, on the top of the citadel in Ankara, is one of the best known historic places in Turkey. On your 5 star holidays to Turkey, do not miss visiting this beautiful architecture marvel. Also, do visit Atatürk'scatacomb, which is another historical marvel.

5 star holidays to Turkey – Cities

Istanbul is the seat of the Turkish culture and there are many resorts here that you can stay in. when planning your 5 star holidays to Turkey, do keep in mind the destinations like Istanbul and Bodrum, both of which boast of an exciting nightlife and a lot of young people. 5 star holidays to Turkey including a visit to Bodrum usually tend to be very comfortable, elegant and stylish. Since there is also a healthy mix of the cultures and the religions of Istanbul, it can be an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

Bodrum has a peninsular coast dotted along with villages and small bays. There are a lot of ferries available for you to travel from one town or village to another and therefore traveling options are made easier with the 5 star holidays to Turkey. Most 5 star holidays to Turkey include the transportation internally. If you want, you can give the ferries a go and get a feel of the Turkish life by renting a car and driving around.

Bitez and Dalaman are two other beautiful destinations in Turkey where there is a lot of activity happening all around. There are monuments and parks and a lot of beach side cafes as well. Most of the villagers are craftsmen or fishermen and your 5 star holidays to Turkey would not be complete without getting a glimpse of this side of Turkey.

On your 5 star holidays to Turkey, do also visit Dalyan, Dolmus, Gumbet, Marmaris, and Icmeler. Both MArmaris and Icmeler are famous for their Turkish bazaars and apart from the shopping, there is a lot of nightlife to enjoy too. Your 5 star holidays to Turkey would not be complete unless you buy some of the locally crafted talismans and souvenirs. Do not forget to bring these back as cherished memories of your 5 star holidays to Turkey.