5 Star Holidays to Spain

Spain 5 Star Holidays

5 star holidays to Spain

5 star holidays to Spain are wonderful for those who want the best of everything. Spain, is a laid back country, but is also very passionate. The Mediterranean climate and the exclusive beaches of Spain are just right for anyone who wishes to have 5 star holidays in Spain. Apart from the mild climate, there are flickering golden rays of the setting sun that spread across the land and make your holidays most memorable.

The gorgeous beaches are worth planning your 5 star holidays to Spain. Spain’s cities are full of life and spirit. The culture of Spain is colorful and dripping of the liveliness of this festive and vigorous country. You can experience exclusive 5 star holidays to Spain, enjoy their first class cuisine and see the beautiful sights of this part of the world.

There are many luxury escapes in Spain and you can enjoy your 5 star holidays to Spain in all the regions that you want. There are some impeccable shores like Marbella and Costa Del Sol which are excellent places for 5 star holidays in Spain. There are many other destinations in Spain to which the other Mediterranean destinations cannot hold a candle.

You can opt for a luxury break in Maspalomas or the glittering isles of Gran Canaria. There is no dearth of options for 5 star holidays in Spain. You will find the plushest of 5 star hotels here, along with some of the most beautiful beaches and excellent service.

Spain makes for an excellent party destination as well. Isles like Ibiza and Majorca are well known all through the world for their non stop beach parties and the lovely atmosphere that remains abuzz with activity. Not only the locals and the tourists, but also celebrities from all over the world flock to these parties, especially in the summers, thus making your 5 star holidays in Spain a truly eclectic experience.

There are world class gold courses as well as lavish villas, all designed to make you appreciate the charms of your 5 star holidays to Spain. If that is not enough, you can always enjoy the azure waters, the clean white beaches and the exquisite beach restaurants which serve some of the most delightful Mediterranean dishes.

5 star holidays in Spain – The Climate

Spain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the chill from the ocean keeps the northern parts of the country cool. the south of Spain is right next to the warmer Mediterranean Sea. The country side is diverse because of these alternating weather conditions. There are a lot of sandy beaches, but the ones to the south are more frequented because of the more favourable climate. Millions of people visit Spain and plan their 5 star holidays in Spain every year to witness these beautiful beaches and the exciting contrast of weather in Spain.

5 star holidays in Spain – Places to Visit

The Costas

The three Costas or beaches, which are Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and Costa Dorado, are most well known amongst all. These beaches are traditionally the hotspots for a lot of fun in the sun and the sand. Since these beaches are frequented by tourists from all over the world, the Costas have a lot of developed real estate. There are plenty of luxury resorts to plan your 5 star holidays to Spain in.

The Costas experience a mild winter, though the summers are often very hot. Your 5 star holidays in Spain ensure that you remain cool and comfortable throughout.

The Balearic Islands

For your 5 star holidays in Spain, the Balearic islands are perfect too. The islands are located about a hundred miles east of the mainland of Spain. The climate in the islands is excellent throughout the year. it is because of its beaches and the climate that this place has become a haven for tourists. The sun shines through about 300 days of the year. there are slight rains and winds from September to October, but the tourism continues through these months as well.


Ibiza is most well known for its clubbing and partying frenzy. This Spanish province has one of the most revered nightlife in the world. it attracts a lot of young crowd and both locals and tourists from all over the world come to enjoy here. For a person planning quiet 5 star holidays in Spain, Ibiza is definitely not the right place. However, if you are one of those who have their beach sandals strapped firmly on, there is nothing like Ibiza to cheer you up.

Menorca and Magaluf

Though not as popular as Ibiza, Menorca and Magaluf are both known for their white sandy beaches. Menorca offers you 5 star holidays in Spain which are both relaxed and upbeat. In Menorca, you will find a lot of things for families to do together. There is trekking, water sports, relaxing in the spas of the luxurious hotels and also a thriving nightlife which attracts young people from all around. There are pockets of this island which are peaceful enough for you to put down a hammock and take out your favourite book.

There are Spanish holiday resorts all over Spain, some of which are the most popular tourist destinations. Planning 5 star holidays in Spain is also extremely simple because there is no dearth of destinations as well as luxury hotels and resorts. 5 star holidays in Spain are also exciting because of the never ending festivities in the country. Spain is a country of a lot of festivals and one part of the country or another is always celebrating.

Apart from the 5 star holidays in Spain, Spain can also offer you a little pick me up should you want something like that. If you dare to travel beyond some of the tourist traps that Spain has been getting so famous for, you can actually enjoy a world of wonders. Throughout your 5 star holidays in Spain, there are guaranteed delights that will leave you wanting for more.

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