5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays to Sardinia

Sardinia 5 Star Holidays

5 star holidays to Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the many beautiful and popular places of tourism in Italy. Sardinia was once a farm land, famous for its agricultural produce. It still has olive orchards and famous vineyards, but it has also become famous for its tourism. Alghero, which is one of the largest cities and cosmopolitan areas in Sardinia, is where you can pick some of the most exclusive 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia.

There are many other places in Sardinia that will tickle your fancy once you reach there for your 5 star holidays in Sardinia. From Alghero to the more secluded parts of Sardinia – Conca Verde, you will find plenty of luxury resorts to spend your 5 star holidays to Sardinia. With each of the 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia you choose from, comes a crash course in culture and history. You can see the remnants of the Roman glory and the more recent reminders of the Spanish invasion.

The Sardinian harbour is one of the most glorious places here and there are both modern and traditional luxury accommodations. You should visit the harbour during your 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia. The churches here are not only beautiful, but rather flamboyant. You can also see the large towers which used to guard the shoreline of Sardinia.

5 star holidays to Sardinia - Activities

Your 5 star holidays to Sardinia will be unlike any other territory in the Italian administration. Sardinia is a quiet place where people are still used to the old ways of life. unlike some of the other destinations in Europe, the Sardinians have not adopted the ‘partying’ kind of life yet.

5 star holidays to Sardinia are ideal for those who are looking for a break from the hectic schedules of their busy lives. Here you can explore the ancient history of this magnificent place. There is plenty of sight seeing to be done as well. On your 5 star holidays to Sardinia, if you want to enjoy the beaches, you are most welcome to do so. The Sardinian beaches are not famous for their nightlife, but rather for their beauty and tranquility that they offer.

There are water sports and other fun activities that your beachside resort could offer you during your 5 star holidays to Sardinia. However, beach activities offered on 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia can match up to the standards of similar activities offered to you in Caribbean resorts.

5 star holidays to Sardinia – Culture and History

The Sardinians are simple people and not the typical flambouyant and fashionable Italians that spring to mind. On your 5 star holidays to Sardinia, you can experience the local culture. The Italians are famous for their foods – especially the fresh ingredients they use. You can see these food markets which go up every day during your 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia. Each town in Sardinia has a different food market everyday, which are indeed a pleasure to visit. The evenings are usually low key and you can get a lot of good food and some really good local wines.

Sardinia also has a 55 km stretch of coastline, most of which is occupied by sandy beaches. Sardinia is also popularly known as the Costa Smeralda, because of the beautiful beaches it has on offer.

The beaches have won numerous awards and are counted amongst the finest of European beaches. These can make your 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia very special.

5 star holidays to Sardinia – Luxury Accommodations

To complement the beautiful surroundings, Agha Khan designed several beautiful buildings in the 1960s. In Sardinia, you can find some of the most famous luxury hotels in the world. some of these wonderful hotels that you can visit during your own 5 star holidays to Sardinia are Hotel Cala di Volpe, Hotel Romazzino, Hotel Pitrizza, and Cervo Hotel.

Like the rest of Italy, Sardinia is also home to some of the finest fashion merchandise. You can find elegant designer boutiques, restaurants, jewelers and a variety of bars and nightspots. Alghero, which is the most cosmopolitan destination in Sardinia, is a well known hub for celebrities from all over the world. Especially in the summer months, most of the celebrities try to be seen in Sardinia.

5 Star Holidays in Sardinia – Places of Interest

PortoCervo Village & Marina

Your 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia are not complete unless you visit the Porto Cervo village and the adjoining Marina. This village is situated in the heart of the coast. Porto Cervo has been designed to be one of the best harbours in the world. It is a world renowned yacht marina today and most people on their 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia, visit the marina to rent a yacht and enjoy a sunny afternoon in the seas. In September, the marina plays host to the Maxi Rolex Cup which is an international yachting event. There are many other similar events that are organized in the Marina through the year. some of the most impressive crafts and vessels can be seen sailing in the sea during these festivals.

La Bocca Del Vulcano

Visit Santa Lussurgiu and the famous restaurant known as the ‘Mouth of the Volcano’. This restaurant supports tourisms and offers trekking and hiking supplies to tourists who are interested in visiting the area the old fashioned way. If you forgot to pack your own trekking gear on your 5 Star Holidays in Sardinia, you can rent it from here. Here you can also rent a bike and go biking, visiting the beautiful places in Sardinia. The restaurant can also offer you tips on the things to do and the history of the place.