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5 Star Holidays to Mexico

Mexico 5 Star Holidays

5 star holidays to Mexico

5 star holidays to Mexico - Activities

The coral beaches in Mexico are simply breathtaking. Here you can dive in to look at the natural treasures of Mexico. If you want, there is also plenty of marine life you can observe. What more, on your 5 star holidays to Mexico, you can swim with dolphins and get a taste of the good life.

Playa Del Carmen is another hotspot in Mexico. On your 5 star holidays to Mexico, do get a taste of the wonderful nightlife of Mexico. Playa Del Carmen is also an excellent place for water sports. If you have been wanting to be a part of all the beach action, this is the perfect place for you.

Riviera Maya presents an excellent setting for your 5 star holidays to Mexico. Here, you will find the most extensive network of luxury resorts and beach side fun. While at Riviera Maya, sample some authentic Mexican cuisine. Dig into some of the most succulent preparations that Mexico can throw your way. Have some Guacamole with garlic, tomato and fresh greens. Also try the famous Huevos Rancheros, a preparation of fried eggs with a special tangy tomato base.

5 star holidays to Mexico – A Cultural and Historical Extravaganza

5 star holidays to Mexico aren’t all about the nightlife, beaches and the food. There is a lot that you can do in Mexico. When you are on your 5 star holidays to Mexico, do visit the ancient ruins of some of the earliest civilizations in the world. There are many ruins to be explored and there are many eco sites where you can find some rare species of plants as well. Most of these plants can be seen on your tours to explore the ruins.

Though 5 star holidays to Mexico are all about the luxury and relaxation, your holidays will not be complete until you also visit the places of historical importance.

5 star holidays to Mexico – Cancun

Cancun is the most famous destination for holiday revelers from all over the world. Your 5 star holidays to Mexico is not complete until you have got a taste of Cancun. The beautiful beaches and the sunny days are made even better by the pampering you get from the Mexican people. The life in Mexico is exhilarating and every step of the way, you will find new adventures as well as experiences.

The Laguna Nichupte is a lagoon with a beautiful promenade and a lot of excellent waterfront food joints. It is at the lagoon that you will find the heart of Cancun.

5 star holidays to Mexico – Cozumal

Cozumal is a small Mexican island situated in the south of Mexico. Just of the east coast of Mexico, you can peddle down to Cozumal which is one of the less visited tourist place in Mexico. There is a lot to do in Cozumal, when you plan your five star holidays to Mexico. The coral reefs here are spectacular and for divers and swimmers, this is a perfect place for all the exploration. Here you will also find the essence of the Mexican festivities – a place which will hold you to it and from where you wouldn’t just want to leave.

5 star holidays to Mexico – Puerto Vallarta

A quaint, calm, coastal city, Puerto Vallarta is one of the best choice for spending your holidays. There are pallid beaches, polished to perfection. The glistening waters and the cobble stoned streets take you to a different world. Plan a stay in Puerto Vallarta when you are on your five star holidays to Mexico. The architecture here us beautiful and you can see the hints of the Mexican royalty in it. This is a popular holidays destination for many who plan their five star holidays to Mexico. There are many resorts which have been set up right along the beach front and there are plenty of options for eating out, lounging in the sun, shopping, water sports and other beach activities. The nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is also something to sample.

5 star holidays to Mexico – Popular Resorts

Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa: The spa is renowned worldwide for having the first dolphinarium in the world. Here you can not only enjoy watching dolphins, but also swim with them at your own leisure.

Moon Palace Resort, Cancun: This resort is ideal for your planning of 5 star holidays to Mexico. The resort is only 5 miles from the international airport at Cancun and is located right on the Caribbean beach. There are swim up bars, Jacuzzis and all other feats imaginable.

Secrets Capri Riviera: Another excellent hotel for booking your 5 star holidays to Mexico, the Capri Riviera is designed like a Mexican hacienda to give you the real feel of how the Mexicans live. This is a perfect place for honeymoon couples. The Secrets Capri Riviera, apart from being a preferred destination for 5 star holidays to Mexico, is also preferred for beach side weddings and renewal of vows.

Dreams Tulum: This resort offers you stunning views of the sea. This is an adult only resort and is perfect for married couples on their honeymoon. This is also an excellent place for your second honeymoon. There is a wonderful spa at the resort where you can enjoy some peaceful time and unwind. If you are planning your 5 star holidays to Mexico to rekindle your romance, this is the right place to be.