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5 star holidays to Menorca

5 star holidays to Menorca give you access to more beaches than the entire Balearic Island put together. The atmosphere in Menorca, though much low key when compared to its neighbouring Majorca, is excellent for relaxation. Here you not only get to access lots of beaches, but also the beautiful olive groves, and the other fruits orchards.

5 star holidays to Menorca are for those who like to be relaxed during their holidays. The spotlight, when you are enjoying your 5 star holidays to Menorca, is always on the relaxation that these holidays offer. There are rugged cliffs, and beautiful coves that double the enjoyment you would have felt otherwise. These idyllic surroundings offer you a lot of calm and peace, which you would not otherwise find in your daily life.

5 star holidays to Menorca - First Impressions

Menorca is a Spanish destination, much famous for its beaches. When you reach here for your 5 star holidays to Menorca, the first thing you notice is the clean and beautiful coastline. The red sandstone, along with the black cliffs, offers a picturesque setting. There are narrow and cobbled streets which tumble down gently along the harbours. The coastline itself is dotted with quaint harbours.

When you move along the main parts of the city, on your 5 star holidays to Menorca, you can find the gentle slopes laden with fruit orchards and olive groves. There are plenty of resorts, the best of which are located in the bay of Arenal D’en Castell. This bay is famous for being horse shoe shaped. There is also the Cala Galdana, which is another famous beach that is famous for the water sports as well as the traditional beach fun.

When you come to spend your 5 star holidays to Menorca, you will find this place to be peaceful and unhurried. 5 star holidays to Menorca offer you many unspoilt joys. Unlike some of the other destinations in Spain, Menorca has not yet experienced the boom n tourism which others have. This means that Menorca is still largely untouched. This area is mesmerizing and there are many people who, after spending their 5 star holidays to Menorca, keep coming back again and again.

5 star holidays in Menorca – Beaches

The beaches are the major attractions of Menorca. There are more than 100 beaches that one can choose from. The bays are secluded and quiet and while some of the beaches are relaxing, there are others which are teeming with life and water sports.

Cala’n Bosch, Son Bou, Punta Prima, Cala Tirant, Cala’n Blanes, S’Algar and Binibeca are some of the most popular party beaches in Menorca.

5 star holidays to Menorca – Dining

For those enjoying five star holidays in Menorca, dining out is an excellent treat. There are some great places where you can eat during your 5 star holidays to Menorca. The Menorcan sauces are the most famous of all. It is believed that the French Mayonnaise was actually the ‘salsa de mahonesa’, first discovered in Menorca. There are many different kinds of chip dips and dressings that are made with garlic and mayonnaise as the base. These dips are excellent when you have them with some crusted breads.

Apart from these sauces, dressings and other toppings, Menorca is famous for their seafood – especially their fish and the mussels, which are prepared with their shells. Tuna and Seabass are the most prominent fish available here and while you are on your five star holidays to Menorca, you can enjoy the ‘Caldereta de Langosta’ which is a lobster dish, cooked with tomatoes, onions and garlic. Aroz Marinera is another dish, which is a must have in Menorca.

When you are enjoying your 5 star holidays in Menorca, go to a local restaurant known as Moli d’es Reco. This quaint restaurant, with a very pretty terrace and an extremely exotic view, is a great place to just sit by and spend some time. Es Cranc is another small restaurant which is not so easy to locate. This restaurant located in the backstreets of Menorca, is famous for its shrimp preparations.

5 star holidays to Menorca – Nightlife

When you are in Spain, you know it because the nightlife is just rife with excitement. There are bigger resorts and a lot of activities going on all through the night. Everything goes very slow here and the seaside villages are just right for some uninterrupted fun. You can be a part of the vibrant nightlife, partying the night away, or can even sit down at the beach with sangria in hand, enjoying the activity and the throbbing life around you.

There are lively bars at Cala’n Forcat, Son Bou and Cala’n Porter. Cala’n Porter especially, has a nightclub with a discotheque that is well known in the area. This discotheque is set amid a series of caves on a cliff. There are terraces are hanging, suspended right over the gushing sea. The waterfront at Mahon has Jazz cafes and many other night spots as well, ideal for your 5 star holidays to Menorca.

Ciudadela’s Placa de Joan, Cova d’en Xoroi in Cala en Porter, Akelarre in Mahon, Mamas and Papas in Es Castell, Hawaiano in Son Bou and Big Apple Karaoke Bar in Cala’n Bosch are some of the other night spots which are frequented by tourists from all over the world.

5 star holidays in Menorca – Shopping

Leather is the one thing you can find in abundance over here. During your 5 star holidays to Menorca, do not miss out on the splendid leather merchandize that you can find here. There are many high quality leather purses, jackets, watches, sandals and other local trinkets, that you can find here. Shoemaking is considered an art in Menorca and while you are on your 5 star holidays to Menorca, be sure to check out the shoemaking industry.

There are both the bric-a-brac markets as well as the swanky ones, when it comes to leather accessories and merchandize. There are also the gold and silver jewelry that you can find here. Apart from these, on the weekends during your 5 star holidays to Menorca, head to Claustre del Carme, in Mahon, which offers a variety of vegetables and fruit stalls here.