5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays to Malta

Malta 5 Star Holidays

5 star holidays to Malta

Luxury travel to Malta is very popular and when you plan your 5 star holidays to Malta, you will be astonished by the number of choices you have for muxury accommodations. There are some resorts which give you access to the most beautiful of private beaches in the world and there are others which place you right at the backyard of the President’s house.

There is a lot of culture and a lot of history to absorb here and the food is finger licking delicious. When you plan your 5 star holidays to Malta, you can get everything right from a lot of water sports to some of the most ancient historical and cultural sites. There are plenty of attractions and a lot of hospitality. Malta can be the ideal escape in the Mediterranean region.

5 star holidays to Malta – Beaches

Malta has some of the best beaches in the world and if it is 5 star holidays to Malta that you are planning, get yourself some beach fun. there are lots of things that you can do on the beaches during your 5 star holidays to Malta. The beaches are all sun soaked and ideal for just lounging around. You can head to the Mellieha Bay, the shores of Birzebbugia or tale a trip to the blue lagoons of Comino. All these places offer you breathtaking beauty and a lot of peace and quiet. On the other hand, if it is water sports, snorkeling and diving that you are looking for, you should head out to some of the other beaches in Malta. Here you will find everything from parasailing to water skiing – all the water sports you can imagine. The rocky inlets in some of the beaches of Malta are perfect for divers and snorkellers. This makes for excellent 5 star holidays to Malta.

5 star holidays to Malta – Eating Out

Who wouldn’t like to dine out like a royalty? At Malta, this is an everyday possibility. Both light snacks and heavy meals are possible in Malta and you can get your own spread, the way you want to have it. On your 5 star holidays to Malta, there are dining choices ranging from fresh seafood at the harbour, or the elaborate dining experiences at the palazzo. There are so many things that you can choose from. The cuisine of the Island is influenced heavily from all across the globe. Rabbit, pasta and fish are the three favourite dishes and during your 5 star holidays in Malta, you will have plenty of opportunities to try the tomato and wine based sauces and gravies.

The traditional cooking in Malta has a particular influence from Italy. The Maltese pastries are famous the world over, specially their traditional pastries known as the lampuki pie. The Maltese wines are also quite popular.

When you are enjoying your five star holidays in Malta, make sure you pay a visit to the La Deolce Vita restaurant in St. Julians. This is a fabulous restaurant with fresh seafood which is caught by the locals. The restaurant also has a roof top terrace with gives a splendid view of the Spinola Bay. This is the ideal way to enjoy your meal.

Some of the other restaurants in the area are two and a half lemon, Rubino, Zen and Jeffrey’s.

Five Star Holidays in Malta – Nightlife

Though Malta is not especially known for its nightlife, in the past few years, owing to the growing tourism, there has been a flurry of opening of nightclubs. There are some superstars DJs who fly from all around the world to play in Maltese parties. The clubs are usually open 365 days a year. There are plenty of bars in the region as well. These bars and nightclubs are usually bustling with energy, especially near Bugibba, which has become a favourite party destination.   

In the summer time, enjoying your five star holidays in Malta is especially easy because the parties are brought to the Promenade. The beach bars remain crowded and there is a lot of Salsa music to groove to. Some of the popular nightclubs in the region are Fuego, Tattingers, Manoel Theatre, Muddy Waters, Gianpula and Portovino Wine Bar.

5 Star Holidays to Malta – Shopping

On your five star holidays in Malta, do not forget the shopping experience. Experience some of the most colorful markets you have seen. Here you will find everything from quaint and rustic old shops to shopping plazas up to date with the latest designer wear and boutiques. At the heart of Malta, you will find markets which tell you a lot about the Maltese culture. There are buzzing markets all over the different Maltese villages and each of these sell local produce as well as locally made trinkets. Here you can get anything that you may want to buy – right from gold and silver to clothes and furnishings. They are also the perfect way to mingle with the locals and understand the local traditions of Malta.

Apart from the shopping for souvenirs and trinkets, there are also the murals and the ancient ruins which give you a feeling that you have rolled over and reached a new place. Malta is an excellent place when it comes to adventure, fun, shopping and partying. During your five star holidays to Malta, there is a lot that you can do. Whether you want to enjoy the luxury, or get lost in the simple life of the simple Maltese people, it is your own choice. Malta has its doors open for anyone who wants to come and enjoy the great spoils of nature and man made frivolities.

For your entire family, and for you, Malta can present an enthralling break from the routine and the mundane, and your five star holidays to Malta will be one which you are not likely to forget very easily.