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5 Star Holidays to Majorca

Majorca 5 Star Holidays

5 star holidays to Majorca

Majorca is a Spanish holiday destination which is famous all over the world for its beautiful beaches and the vibrant nightlife. 5 star holidays to Majorca can mean plenty of history, culture, beauty and fun. There are high rise buildings in this beautifully modern city, as well as lots of pubs for you to hop around in. apart from these, you find pristine beaches, which are just right for planning 5 star holidays to Majorca.

The last couple of decades have really turned around the island completely. Though the island has been inhabited since the last 6000 years, not much had happened there in terms of development. It has only been in the last few decades that Majorca has developed into the city that it is today.

5 star holidays to Majorca are especially fun because of the vast swathes of shoreline. There are plenty of beaches for you to have fun on. even though Majorca is a major crowd puller and during your 5 star holidays to Majorca, you may find it to be especially crowded, there are areas in the island which are still secluded and can still give you peace and relaxation that you may crave on your 5 star holidays to Majorca.

The native culture of Majorca has pretty much been wiped out to give way for the more western culture. There are a total of 76 beaches on the island, some of which are more popular than the others. Luckily, there are 5 star holidays to Majorca available at most of these beaches and you can easily get reservations if you make travel plans well in advance.

The development in Majorca has slowed down in the more recent times to give way to the natural order of things. This move has also come in view of the tourism explosion that has recently happened in Majorca. Thankfully, this comes right in time to save Majorca from being an overcrowded tourist destination with nothing more left to be discovered, leaving 5 star holidays to Majorca something that you may still want to experience.

5 star holidays to Majorca – Life In Majorca

The excesses in Majorca may have contributed to creating a stereotype party island, but with the recent developments, the life on the island has been resumed to normal. There are resorts that have been flung out on the coastal areas, but the life in Majorca continues, and this is what makes 5 star holidays to Majorca special.

Life in the south and central parts of Majorca still run at their earlier pace. The beauty of this is that during your 5 star holidays to Majorca, you can experience both the indulgences of the metropolitan areas and the quiet recesses of the laid back fishing villages.

5 star holidays to Majorca for the nature lovers

There is the picturesque town of Serra de Tramuntana which is extremely popular with most of the expatriates in Spain. This village is laid back and is considered the embodiment of pristine beauty. Here you can enjoy your 5 star holidays to Majorca by sampling the unspoilt pleasures of the rural life. ease yourself into a café and sip on the fine local wines brewed by the people of Serra de Tramuntana. The village is small and therefore any café you choose would not only overlook the village square, but also the chapel.

5 star holidays to Majorca are not only about the fun in the sand, but also about sampling the simple life and the beautiful culture of the Spaniards. You can visit locales like Valldemossa, Formentor and Palma, which are far from what Majorca is depicted to be in most guidebooks and tour reports. 5 star holidays to Majorca can be made special by visiting these places and understanding the culture of the local people. Enjoy the mountains, plains and the beautiful beaches.

5 star holidays to Mallorca

Mallorca is another province of Majorca. 5 star holidays to Mallorca can help you sample the true luxury of a Spanish holiday. during your 5 star holidays to Mallorca, you can stay at luxury hotels like the Casa Galesa in Palma. This luxurious Mallorca hotel is converted from a 15th century townhouse. You can find here how the rich used to live in the 15th century. the hotel is rife with antiques and rich brocades and Persian rugs. Almost all rooms come with spas and there is a rooftop restaurant that lets you gaze into the blue Mediterranean.

5 star holidays to Mallorca – Rural Retreats

Your 5 star holidays to Mallorca are not complete until you have seen the rural retreats of Mallorca. The central part of Majorca is where the Villa Can Alegre lies. This is a beautiful villa built in a large farmland and vineyard. After you have explored this beautiful vineyard on your 5 star holidays to Mallorca, take a hike to Serra de Tramuntana and spend an evening with the locals.

5 star holidays to Mallorca for the family

Children love Puerto Pollesna, one of the quieter resorts in Mallorca. This has a sloping beach on the east coast which is perfect for some fun times for your young ones. This is also perfect for you and your partner to come closer to each other. 5 star holidays to Mallorca give you a lot of time to work on your family and spend time with them. if you have been overworked in your daily routine, this is the perfect place to get some rest and unwind.

With your family, during your 5 star holidays to Mallorca, you can spend some time checking out the beautiful coves and caverns. Some of these are the Coves del Drac and the Coves d’es Ham. Both of these are at an accessible distance form the resort. You can also spend your 5 star holidays to Mallorca at the Hotel Uyal, which is right at the beachfront. Your children will perhaps also enjoy a visit to the Aquacity water park where you can spend an entire day with your family at leisure.