5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays to Cyprus

Cyprus 5 Star Holidays

5 star holidays to Cyprus

There are secluded coves, clear waters, beautiful beaches and luxury resorts ton enjoy your 5 star holidays in Cyprus. These holidays are exclusive because of the fine comforts and pampering they offer you. Cyprus has many soft golden beaches which have not yet begun to experience tourist hordes. The snow capped peaks and the unspoilt beauty make 5 star holidays to Cyprus a must do.

Cyprus is a small island country and the main occupation here is fishing and agriculture. For those who want a break to relax and unwind, 5 star holidays to Cyprus make perfect sense. You can lay back in a luxury hotel in one of the larger cities of Cyprus, or simply find accommodation in one of the smaller fishing villages. Whatever you decide to do, 5 star holidays in Cyprus will give your mood a lift and your spirits, a big thumbs up.

The vibrantly bustling towns and the ancient sites of Cyprus are fascinating to the outsiders. Apart from the scenic beauty, what is even more interesting is the state of the art spas, and the golf courses which have been hosting championship tournaments of repute. After you have relaxed and unwound in one of these luxury spas, do not hesitate to visit the Aphrodite Hills, which are an epitome of luxury breaks and a perfect setting for your 5 star holidays to Cyprus.

Resorts like the Ayia Napa are established and have been serving discerning guests from all over the world. there is an effortless blend of the modern and the rustic in all parts of this quaint Mediterranean haven. The resort town of Ayia Napa has a pretty harbour for you to roam around at. There are plenty of options for authentic Cyprus cuisine, lots of shopping and also various hotels and resorts of distinction, all of which you can enjoy when you opt for 5 star holidays to Cyprus.

5 star holidays to Cyprus promise you a better time and a better experience than many of the other popular five star holidays destinations.

5 star holidays to Cyprus - Cyprus Beaches

Cyprus is most famous for its beautiful beaches. The skies are a deep azure and the sea breeze offer gentle caresses on your 5 star holidays in Cyprus. In the luxurious lap of nature, you can choose to just unwind and forget all your troubles and worries, giving true purpose to your 5 star holidays to Cyprus.

The sundrenched beaches give you a lot of options for relaxation. Apart from that, there are also unexplored areas on beaches as well. right from Polis to Protaras, you can walk on to find the perfect beach for you where you can put down your things and enjoy the 5 star holidays to Cyprus.

In Western Cyprus, when you are on your 5 star holidays to Cyprus, you can visit the coastal villages of Polis and Peyia. These are beautiful, sleepy little fishing villages, where you get plenty of sun and sand. In terms of beach activities, there is not much to do here. If you were planning your 5 star holidays in Cyprus to be all about the surfing and the diving, it is better to stick only to the larger cities. However, if it is peace and tranquility you are looking for, plan your 5 star holidays in Cyprus around these sleepy villages.

5 star holidays to Cyprus – Beach Activities

For those who came prepared for beach activities on their 5 star holidays to Cyprus, it is best to look at holiday options such as Coral Bay, Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca. All of these are beautiful spots in Cyprus and have some of the best beaches and beach activities. Here you can simply lounge in the sun or go coral diving. You can also explore the many coves the line and dot these beaches. Some of the beaches like the Coral Bay are ideal for planning 5 star holidays to Cyprus. This beach, for instance, is sandwiched between rocky headlands and you can enjoy a lot of beach activities, ranging from banana boat rides to other more adventurous ones.

5 star holidays to Cyprus for families

A family vacation is best described as one which has plenty to do for everyone. 5 star holidays in Cyprus give your family lots of reasons to cheer. Cyprus is known very well for its hospitality. The idyllic paradise of Cyprus is made more comfortable by the courtesy and the care extended by the locals. Throughout your 5 star holidays to Cyprus, you will be treated as a friend and a treasured guest. That is what sets this beautiful Mediterranean holiday destination apart from the others.

5 star holidays to Cyprus – Fun Activities

Cyprus is known to be a land of hidden treasures. The beauty of the land will overwhelm you and if you are the adventurous kinds, bring your hiking boots to 5 star holidays to Cyprus. The Troodos Mountains have plenty of circling paths that give you ample opportunities for trekking and hiking. You can also take a horse ride through the unspoilt country side and marvel at the natural gifts with which Cyprus is endowed.

5 star holidays to Cyprus – History and Culture

Cyprus can also give you an interesting voyage to discovery. This land has housed a civilization more than 8000 years old. In Cyprus, remnants of the earliest Neolithic Settlements have been found. Besides, Cyprus was an important part of the Roman Empire as well. On your 5 star holidays to Cyprus, do not miss the chance to visit some of these Noeolithic as well as Roman ruins which are a testament to the rich history of this beautiful land. Cyprus also has remnants of the Greek culture, having been a part of the Greek empire as well. Your 5 star holidays to Cyprus can end up becoming an educational experience to everyone.