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5 Star Holidays in Europe

5 Star Holidays to Crete

Crete 5 Star Holidays

5 star holidays to Crete

Politically, the island has been divided into four provinces to make the administration easier for the government. These are Chania, Rethymno, Iraklio and Lasithi. All of these provinces offer beautiful beaches to the discerning holiday revelers. You can enjoy your 5 star holidays to Crete all you want to here.

The main occupation of the people of Crete is agriculture, cattle breeding and tourism. Though the island has developed, in most of the older towns, the people still cling to their old traditions. The donkey still remains an important means of transport here and the people of Crete, at least the older ones, still continue to wear their traditional costumes. 

Crete is also known for the native species of animals, especially the Kri Kri which is a mountain goat endemic to the white mountains of Crete. There is also a species of cat, one of badger and one of a marten that are found only in Crete and not even in the other areas of Greece. When you are on your 5 star holidays to Crete, do see these rare animals.

Here are some of the Top destinations to plan your 5 star holidays in Crete.


Kissamos was originally known as Kastelli di Kissamos. Kissamos is a beautiful little town, excellent for planning 5 star holidays to Crete. There are beautiful and pleasant sandy beaches, taverns and many different shops to spend your evening at. During your 5 star holidays in Crete, do also drop in on the many taverns in Kissamos where you can sample the local brews as well as some of the finest local wines.

The 5 star holidays to Crete are excellent for both those who are looking for relaxation and those who are looking for lots of activity. From Kissamos, you can also make short trips to Chania, which is the southern most tip of the Cretan island. There is something here on offer for everyone.


Another great place to visit on your 5 star holidays to Crete is Paleochora. This is a town with a very small population. Here you can actually mix up with the locals and understand what the local life is like. Paleochora is not the ideal destination to set up camp when you are on your 5 star holidays to Crete because there are no luxury accommodations in the area. Nevertheless, this peninsular town is frequented by English tourists specifically for the beautiful beaches. Though there is a faint hint of the quaintness that is still retained by this charming town, tourism has changed the town for the most part.

Tourists frequent Paleochora for White Mountains, also known as the Lefka Ori. There is a sandy beach as well as a pebbled one. Today there are a lot of unfinished buildings in Paleochora and in the coming times, it will be easier for those looking for 5 star holidays in Crete to set up base here.

Chora Sfakion

This port city is a beautiful beachfront settlement which is excellent for sturdy walkers. The winding streets of Chora Sfakion are excellent for the adventurers who have come for 5 star holidays to Crete. Though there are busses that will ferry tourists to and from Samaria Gorge, this quiet and lazy village is a charming retreat for the day.

Most of the tourists on 5 star holidays to Crete usually accommodate themselves in the larger cities of Crete, moving to Chora Sfakion for trekking and spending some lazy time. The village itself is very quite with only two streets which wind throughout the village. Here you find a flurry of taverns as well as shops. You can spend your time reveling in the wonderful life of the sleepy village.

You can walk further from Chora Sfakion to the Imbros Gorge which is 8 Km long, and a wonderful feat for exploration. You can travel part of the way by a boat and the rest of way on foot.


Frangokastello is ideal for 5 star holidays to Crete. For holiday makers who are looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday, Frangokastello is an excellent place. Apart from the luxurious villas and accommodations to suit the desire to have 5 star holidays in Crete, this beautiful town also has a partly sandy beach, taverns and also apartment complexes. Frangokastello is close to Kastellowhich is famous for its Venetian castle which was built in 14th century.

Though Frangokastellos is a secluded place, it is great for those who want some peace and quiet during their 5 star holidays to Crete. There is also a steady wind here which makes the weather very pleasurable.


This quaint town was originally a swamp and it was only in the 19th century that the land was reclaimed. This beautiful town is located right in the middle of Rthymnon and Chania, and has a very long and sandy beach, one which makes this an excellent place for 5 star holidays to Crete. The river Almiros is situated in swamp and is one of the last reminders of the swampy marsh that this land once was.

Today, apart from being a preferred destination for 5 star holidays in Crete,the Georgioupolis is also a busy tourist village. There are a variety of accommodations to choose from, most of which are suited for 5 star holidays in Crete. From here, you can take day trips to the Kournas lake. There are also several tourist trains that travel and ferry passengers from one tourist destination to another. This is also an excellent place for excursions to the sandy beaches of the neighbouring towns. If you have planned your 5 star holidays to Crete, you can set up base here and discover the western parts of the Cretan island.