5 Star Holidays in Every Month

Every Month 5 Star Holidays

5 Star Holidays in Every Month

5 Star Holidays in January

January, the beginning of a New Year is the right time to close the post Christmas celebrations, and begin with your New Year holidays. January is the right time to start the New Year with some peace and calm. An all inclusive holiday is the right way to start your year. A holiday to Tenerife in Lanzarote is the perfect 5 star holiday in January. You may want to book your holiday in advance though because the holidays may get booked soon. There are some great 5 star holidays in January deals that you can grab at the last minute as well.

5 Star Holidays in February

5 star holidays in February are both cheap and interesting. Love is in the air in February and this is the right time to book a cozy resort for two. Canary Islands or Gran Canaria are usually the best places to spend your valentine’s day. February is also a great time to try out the holidays in the warmer and tropical Caribbean. Maldives is another great option to spend 5 star holidays in February. The weather in February is excellent and in Maldives, you can book a 5 star holiday for two.

Holidays in March

Holidays in March bring forth the beginning of spring. With it, come a lot of colors and beauty. Get yourself some cheap March holidays to get your spring months going. Say good bye to the last of sun kissed winters with an extended holiday in the Mediterranean. See the flowers come to full bloom in Greece, or simply spend some time partying in Spain. There are a lot of great deals in March, especially around St. Patrick’s day. Book your all inclusive 5 star holidays in March to enjoy the coming of spring months.

Five Star Holidays in April

As the first signs of summer approach, it is time to don your party hat and head off to Northern Europe. Book yourself nice Baltic 5 star holidays in April and celebrate the April fool’s day with certain panache. The holidays are a great way to unwind and you can find a great many bargains during this time of the year. The best way to enjoy these bargains is to book your holidays much in advance so that you can get the resort of your choice. Cyprus, Egypt and Spain are the right kind of destinations for 5 star holidays in April.

Five Star Holidays in May

In summers holidays can be a lot of fun. Five star holidays in May are ideally spent on a beautiful beach. Since school holidays have not yet begun, and the weather is only just warm, it is best to take this time to work on your tan. Spain, Barbados and Dominican Republic offer you some of the best beach experiences available around town. Be sure to get some beach action before the beaches become crowded and the resorts, jam packed. May usually offers you very competitive prices when it comes to holidays.

Five Star Holidays in June

June holidays are hot and the crowds begin to pack in. If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful holiday, June is not the ideal time for having this kind of fun. Get yourself some champagne and strawberries to ease your holiday blues. Ideally Caribbean Holidays are best for those planning a getaway during the month of June. Book yourself a tour to West Indies, Jamaica, Cancun or St. Lucia and enjoy the tropical climate. Greece also offers you an excellent escape during the summer months.

Five Star Holidays in July

The beautiful beaches and the scorching heat may not mix together very well. For your five star holidays in July, look for the more moderate Mediterranean weather to be comfortable. There is a range of luxury hotels in the various tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Right from Sicily to Crete, there are beautiful holidays to look forward to. These destinations will not only provide you the best of five star facilities, but also undreamt of luxury, a lot of history and unparalleled beauty.

Five Star Holidays in August

Five star holidays in August can be a handful. If you want to enjoy five star holidays in August, you have to plan them ahead in time. Early booking is required to have seamless holiday fun since this is the time when the summer holidays of the schools begin. Since August is the prime time for holiday makers from all over the world to book their holidays, it is best to avoid traditional holiday making spots such as the Caribbean. Instead, book a holiday for yourself in Menorca, which is one of the lesser known places in Spain.

Five Star Holidays in September

Cheap and affordable holidays are galore in September. If you are looking for affordable holidays, September is the right time to venture out. The school holidays have wound up and the young adults are preparing for their fall semesters. This is the ideal time for you to begin with your five star holidays in September. This month you not only get great weather, but also access to lot of great destinations. The bookings come cheap and easy in September and you can enjoy the wonderful temperature without the regular hustle bustle of the jam packed holidays.

Five Star Holidays in October

Five Star Holidays in October bring you excellent end-of-the-season deals. The luxury hotels are keen for business and will offer you all inclusive holidays at very low rates. Get your annual paid leave during this time and be ready to bag yourself some great bargains. If you have children, it may be a little tough to whisk them away from school at this time. However, for couples, this time of the year is ideal for holidaying. If you are honeymooning, why not go to Santorini or Crete in Greece? Cyprus is also an excellent place to spend your five star holidays in October.

Five Star Holidays in November

Traditionally, five star holidays in November are a rather quiet affair. This time is ideal to jet off to the warmer climates. During this time, some holidays may be reduced by as much as 75%. Just before the celebrations for the New Year begin, five star holidays in November bring you the last of the season’s frivolities. This time is ideal for shopping and perhaps a trip to Turkey will work wonders. You can buy your loved ones some exotic charms from Ankara and Istanbul for the Christmas season.

Five Star Holidays in December

In December, five star holidays take a new meaning. This is the time when all the tourist destinations are gearing up for the New Year celebrations. If you are one to enjoy the New Year with élan, pack your bags and head off to Majorca or Ibiza in Spain. These beach destinations are known for their year round parties and a lot of fun and frolic. For bargain hunters, there is no better way than to shake off the stress of the entire year, but simply splurging on yourself during the end of the year.